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2020 Cancellation + 2021 Dates

The Colorado Grand and COVID-19

Updated 8/12/2020

Dates for 2021 Event will be 9/13/21 – 9/18/21

Dear Colorado Grand Applicant:

Thanks to everyone who responded to our request to confirm your interest in attending the Grand this year.  We have been working hard at what changes were necessary and what changes made sense as we tried to reinvent the Grand under the mandated guidelines we are all living with today. Although we had many Granders respond in the positive, there was an underlying concern from several, questioning if the event could be kept safe and would it have any resemblance to the Grand we all know and love.

Even with a field of willing participants, there are many dire possibilities that are out of our control. Any loosening of group size restrictions could be rolled back at any time. As is true of all law enforcement organizations, our beloved Colorado State Patrol has new demands on their time, making it a real challenge for them to commit to the support we have enjoyed all these years.

We also realize that both our entrants and volunteers are facing ongoing health concerns related to COVID-19 that make traveling anywhere a real danger. Taking all of the above into consideration, the Board has decided to cancel the 2020 Colorado Grand.  

We have had generous offers from many of you to donate to this year’s Grand, whether we ran the event or not. I can’t tell you how much this means to us! We would love to still be able to support some of our charities this year, especially the CSP. We do have one outstanding commitment to fund our small town student scholarships, as they would normally be funded from this year’s entry fees. Please let me or Lindsay know if you are able to donate and help the Grand charities this year. Remember, the Grand’s board is all volunteer, so all of your donation will fund the charities we support.

We will truly miss seeing you!  I am confident that this will only make the 2021 Grand that much more special!

Tom Horan & The Colorado Grand Board