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2020 Event Information + Application

The Colorado Grand and COVID-19

As applications are now open for this year’s event, we want everyone to know we will be closely monitoring the track the virus takes during the summer.

We are hopeful that the current anticipation that the virus will start to be contained and controlled by June/July proves correct.  If you are accepted for the 2020 Grand, know that we will have made a “go/no go” decision before any funds are due, so your entry fee will not be at risk.

Best wishes to the entire Grand family that we all stay healthy and we get to see each other in September!

The 2020 Colorado Grand will be held on September 14 – 19. Applications have recently been mailed. New and previous applicants are now able to submit their applications on line or by mail. All completed applications are due to the Colorado Grand by May 1, 2020.

To access the application click this link: