The Colorado Grand ®

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an invitation to the Colorado Grand?

Please send an Email to requesting an application.  We can email or mail USPS, let us know what you prefer.  Applications are sent out around the 3rd week of March and will also be posted on our website at that time.

When is the deadline date to apply? 

Applications must be received by May 1st

When will I be notified if my application has been accepted?

 Acceptance letters go out at the end of May.

Which cars are considered eligible to apply? 

1960 or older sports and sports racing cars.  Later exceptions are cars that began production before 1960 but continued relatively unchanged in later years.  Examples would be 1963 Mercedes 300 SL’s, 1962 Porsche 356B, 1961 Ferrari SWB.

Where does the event start/finish? 

We start and end in Vail, Colorado.

What are the scheduled dates for 2020?

 Monday, September 14th – Saturday, September 19th

Which airport should we fly to?

Most fly into DIA and take a rental car or a shuttle to Vail.  Eagle Airport is also available for GA aircraft.   

When is check-in for the event? 

Registration begins at 9:00 on Monday, September 14th at our Vail hotel, The Grand Hyatt Hotel.

What documents do we need to provide at check-in?

All entrants and crew need to provide a copy of driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance.

What is the “new drivers” orientation meeting? 

A meeting late Monday afternoon meant to go over logistics questions and the “Rules of the Road” for first time drivers or co-drivers.

How are we identified throughout the event? 

 Grand cars receive special numbered license plates and arrow decals to identify our cars to other entrants, mechanics, organizers and the Colorado State Patrol.

Can I bring my own mechanic? 

The Grand has our own mechanics that travel the route with us.  A limited number of private crews are accepted after review by the Eligibility Committee. 

Is there an age requirement to attend? 

Yes, participants under 18 years old are not accepted.

Can I leave a rental car at the hotel in Vail? 

Yes, we can accommodate a few rental cars in the garage at the Grand Hyatt.

Where should I park my truck/trailer?

Trucks may off load on the Frontage road in front of the Grand Hyatt. For the week, trucks may park in the Ford Park which is a couple miles east of the hotel or just east of the Vail Fire Department Station 3.

Can I leave luggage at the hotel for the week? 

Yes, speak with the Grand Hyatt staff about leaving items at the hotel until your return on Friday.

Is there covered parking during each night of the event? 

Several of the hotels we visit have covered parking, but not all.  We will be parked outside one of the nights on 2020. 

How should I best prepare my car for the event? 

The Grand covers over 1,000 miles and typically travels over several mountain passes at elevations over 11,500 feet.  Make sure that all aspects of your car are up for the task, but especially the cooling systems, brakes and tires.  We have mechanics along to help with minor repairs, but they are not there to rebuild cars that were not well prepared.

Do I need to pay a deposit with my application? 

No, the entry fee is collected after you have been accepted.