The Colorado Grand ®


Dear Angie & Tom,  

Today I mailed my check for auction items purchased on Friday night, payable to the Colorado Grand.  

I know that the use of these funds will be guided wisely by the Grand's Board and will be used both gratefully and well by the Family Foundation of the Colorado State Highway Patrol as well as any community initiatives the Board decides to support.  

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in these endeavors and derive great personal satisfaction and also have great fun doing so.  Thanks for the privilege.  

I look forward to seeing you both again soon. Kind regards,  




  The Colorado Grand continues as a purposeful event. Besides having fun with vintage cars and introducing you to Colorado, we wish to repay the generosity of the people of Colorado who so kindly host us. The Grand provides funds to carefully selected Colorado charities; we also make donations to towns where we stop for lunch and award a college scholarship to a graduating high school senior in each of these communities. To date, the event has raised $5.5 million dollars with over $2 million to the Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation.
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  A sampling of our donations have included the Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation, the Robert Sutherland Foundation, Pieta House, Association for Community Living, Morgan Adams, Provident Flight for Life, Central Visitation Program, and many others.