The Colorado Grand ®


The Colorado Grand continues as a purposeful event. Besides having fun with vintage cars and introducing you to Colorado, we wish to repay the generosity of the people of Colorado who so kindly host us. The Grand provides funds to carefully selected Colorado charities; we also make donations to towns where we stop for lunch and award a college scholarship to a graduating high school senior in each of these communities. To date, the event has raised $6.5 million dollars with over $2.4 million to the Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation.


The Colorado Grand played a significant role with a newly built memorial in Frisco, CO. :

“Since the latter stages of the Second World War, helicopters have been used to rapidly transport those in dire need of medical attention. Many thousands of people have been touched by the expert care rendered by air medical providers both in times of war and peace. When disaster strikes an airborne crew, the roles are reversed and the providers become patients.

On July 3, 2015 tragedy struck as Frisco’s own Lifeguard 2 crashed moments after takeoff. This park exists to recognize the heroic work done by those who rushed to help the crew that was involved and pay tribute to the never ending work of air medical crews worldwide, many of whom are in the air at this very moment.”


Here are recipients from prior donations:

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