The Colorado Grand ®

Robert D. Sutherland Foundation

Dedicated to the advancement of Bipolar treatment, care giving and recovery.

Bob Sutherland, the charismatic founder and charitable leader of the world-class vintage car-touring rally, the Colorado Grand, suffered from bipolar manic depression for most of his adult life. Bob stabilized his life and the lives of those who loved him through ongoing medical support and treatment.

Bob passed away on November 13, 1999. He was 56 years old. The Sutherland family, with active support from appreciative Colorado Grand enthusiasts, has created the Robert D. Sutherland Foundation for bipolar treatment and recovery in honor of Bob’s commitment for ongoing treatment to combat this disease. The foundation sponsors The Robert D. Sutherland Center which will affiliate with a major Denver Teaching Hospital, conducts community outreach to bipolar sufferers, and sponsors educational programs for the medical community for early bipolar diagnosis and provides grants to caretaker specialists for bipolar treatment and social skills training.

Robert D. Sutherland Memorial Foundation

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