The Colorado Grand ®

Colorado State Patrol




Without the Colorado State Patrol, we’d all be elsewhere this week. Special thanks to the Colorado State Patrol for its continuing magnificent cooperation and vital assistance. The highly-talented Colorado State Patrol motorcycle officers accompanying you, aka “The Motors,” work for your protection. You’ll be amazed at their riding skills and by how much they can help you. They can warn you of road hazards such as wandering cattle, slick surfaces, and accidents. When following them, watch for their hand signal to let you know it’s safe to pass them. If you’re stopped by the side of the road, remember to give them the thumbs-up if you’re OK or the thumbs-down if you need help. Get to know The Motors, they’re great guys!



Chris started in 2000 and spent his first years in Golden. He helped start the state Homeland Security office in 2004. He moved into commercial motor vehicles while helping to plan the safety and response components for the 2008 Democratic National Convention. He was then promoted to Sergeant and returned to Golden. Since then he has moved to being responsible for motorcycle operations, special events, and special operations. He is also an aircraft mechanic and enjoys riding motorcycles and spending time in the outdoors. This is his fifth Grand, and he is this year’s Officer in Charge.


Mike is a native Hawaiian, which is how he got his nickname. Having started riding motors as a Marine Corps MP in 1983, he joined the Patrol in 1989 and began riding a CSP bike in 1994. Part of the Gaming Troop, Piney patrols Blackhawk and Central City, so you Coloradoans may see him near our little Las Vegas in the hills. Having been an instructor at the CSP Academy, he is also an expert in almost every trooper skill. This is his eleventh Grand. Mike received the Purple Heart award in 2009 for overcoming injuries sustained on duty.


In 1990, Travis started his law enforcement career as a cadet with both Adams and Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Offices. In 1998 he was hired by the Patrol as a dispatcher and was accepted into the Academy. During the last 14 years he has been assigned in Fort Lupton, Keenesburg, and Watkins and is currently stationed in Metro Adams County as a fourth-year motor officer. Travis had the opportunity to be sworn in as a South Dakota State Trooper temporarily assigned to Sturgis and was a United States Special Deputy Marshal on the security detail for President Obama’s inauguration. He is a Field Training Officer and cross-trained in Dignitary Protection. This is Travis’s fifth Colorado Grand.  


Even after eleven Grands, many of you know Gary but not by his real name. He is known as “Bear”. Gary joined the CSP in 1996 and has been riding motors for eight years. His specialties include training new troopers as a field training officer and accident specialist. His hobbies include building old cars and flying RC airplanes.   


Chad hayes

Chad is a native of Colorado and joined the Air Force in 1999. After several deployments and a tour in Iraq, he became a Trooper with the Colorado State Patrol in 2007. He continues to serve in the Air Force as a Senior Master Sergeant with the Military Police. His first duty assignment with the CSP was in Glenwood Springs. After serving there for two years, he transferred to Weld County, where he served for four years. Chad became a Motor Officer in 2011. In 2013 he was assigned to the Executive Security Unit in Denver, where he currently works. In his free time, Chad enjoys spending time with his wife, Susan, and 14-month old daughter, Emma. He also enjoys working out, mountain biking, and jet skiing. This is Chad’s second Colorado Grand.



Luke started with the CSP in 2007, initially assigned to Clear Creek and Summit Counties. He became a Field Training Officer and firearms instructor and transferred to Golden in 2012. Luke was promoted to corporal in 2014, still working out of the Golden office. He was promoted to sergeant in 2016, joining the Special Events Unit and taking over the motor program, becoming motor certified in 2017. He and his wife Megan have four kids, two boys and two girls. Luke enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, and riding dirt bikes.



Jeff was born in New Hampshire, and came to the Vail Valley from Atlanta. After working at Beaver Creek Public Safety and the Eagle County Ambulance District, he attended the University of Colorado. He joined the Colorado State Patrol in 2014 and returned to work at the Vail CSP Office of Troop 4C. He appreciates the opportunity to engage with local communities and to assist in training new troopers as a Field Training Officer. As a new Motor Trooper, he is excited to be a part of the Colorado Grand. Together with his girlfriend, Kiki, they enjoy mountain and road biking, skiing, climbing, backpacking, and river sports. This past Super Bowl was a difficult one given her fandom for the Falcons and his for the… other team.


Jon was born and raised in Gilbert, Arizona. In 1997 he joined the United States Air Force. In 2000 he cross trained to Security Forces (MP). Jon then transfered to Andrews AFB in Maryland, where he worked with Air Force One. He became a State Trooper in January 2007, assigned to the Alamosa Troop. In 2011 he became a certified motor officer. His specialties include accident reconstruction, L.I.D.A.R. instructor, Car Seat Technician and Intoxilyzer instructor. Married to Lori in 2000, they have two children. His hobbies are motorcycle riding, snow skiing, and working on old cars. He is currently restoring a 1972 Chevrolet pickup. This is Jon’s third Grand