The Colorado Grand ®

Tributes….comments from our participants

Please read this letter from a 2015 Grander:


We just want to thank you again for helping us with the rooms – it really helped to have enough drivers to get the Maserati back to Vail.

We had another absolutely fantastic year, we had so much fun.

I know you know this but we just cannot thank you/Tom/Kelly enough for establishing the Grand culture/attitude of “yes, we can do that!”.

We love the attitude that you want every person connected to your event – the car owners, the truck drivers, the people of Colorado, the restorers, the mechanics, the Motors – to have the most wonderful week. Some other very major events treat everyone but the owners, sometimes even the cars themselves(!) as an unfortunate side effect. The Grand and the Amelia Island Concours stand way apart with your entirely sincere how-can-we-help attitude.

As an aside, I should also mention that this year one of our clients has done Tour Auto, California Mille, Goodwood, Monterey, Bentley Tour, Rolls Royce Tour among others and he said to us many times, the Grand is his favorite event on the Calendar.

Ours, too.

Thank you again,
Carrie and Mark Allin
Rare Drive, Inc.

Please read this letter from a 2014 Grander:

Hello Tom and Colonel Hernandez, and Jill,

We really did enjoy the Colorado Grand this past week.  Thank you for the invitation.

Having attended most of the premiere car events in the world, I can say that your Grand event, in beautiful Colorado, may be the defining open road driving experience.  This is largely due to the commitment and enthusiasm of the volunteer work force, led by you, Tom.  Of course, none of this would be possible without the dedication and partnership of the Colorado State Patrol, led by you, Scott.  I was very impressed by the professionalism exhibited by every one of your officers, not to mention their endurance riding motorcycles through the cold mountain rain.

The state patrol in California, and in Colorado, is really under appreciated by the general public.  The State Patrol is our first line of defense against accident mishap, crime, and terrorism.  Other than the armed forces, no other organization will put their lives on the line to save us civilians.

In recognition of this Grand event, and of the selfless conduct of the Colorado State Patrol, the Bowman Family Foundation will issue a check this week, for $40,000 to the Colorado Grand, to be dispersed directly to the Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation.  I appreciate your willingness Tom to allow this to pass through.  Rachael and I would like to particularly note Officer Jon Strickland as being an outstanding representative of the Colorado state patrol.  It was Jon that triggered us to think in broader terms.  Scott and Jill, if possible, I would really like this donation to be designated as “At the Colonel’s Discretion’, as I believe that position has unique insights into pressing needs.

Thank you again for allowing myself and Rachael to participate in this year’s event.  We look forward to meeting again in the future.

All the best,  Larry Bowman