The Colorado Grand

2021 Update

We are optimistic that there will be a Colorado Grand this September, we just don’t have enough information at this time to know for certain, and what it will actually look like.  Our Governor and the counties we drive through are still deciding exactly when and what size group events like ours will be allowed.  Our normal hotels are still not open and currently unsure if they will be staffed and ready to accommodate larger groups like the Grand.  

The size of group events allowed by Colorado will play a major role in whether we have a Grand, and how many cars we can invite.  We are also looking at other aspects of the Grand that might have to change for this year.  Everything from our evening dinners to our small town lunches is being reviewed to comply with any safety rules still with us in September.

We hope to have some solid information by mid-June, early July at the latest.  As soon as we do, we will invite as many cars as we are allowed and send out our acceptance letters.  We will not collect any entry fees until we are confident that we will have some version of the Grand in September.  If you are selected, we will ask that your entry fee be sent in immediately and will most likely be non-refundable, as we will be fast-tracking all the preparations required to have our event.  

Stay safe!
Tom Horan

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