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How to apply for a grant from the Colorado Grand®

1) Send us a copy of your 501c3 status letter.

2) Include a copy of your most recent Form 990 financial return.

3) Prepare a 1-2 page summary of your mission, the amount of funds you are requesting, who you serve, and any recognition you may include for The Colorado Grand®. Each year, funds are announced and provided the third week of December.

Additional Information

New and previous applicants should submit requests between $5,000 and $15,000. The committee may consider granting more than a specific request when funds allow. The committee will give priority to applications from towns that we travel through each year. Subsequent to that would be rural towns, then statewide applications. No grant shall be awarded which exceeds 25% of the total revenues of the organization.

The committee will give priority to organizations that are small, less than $1 million in total revenue. Subsequent to that would be $1 to $5 million, then over $5 million. The committee will give priority to grants that have arranged “matching gifts”, but the committee will not monitor or require this. “Matching gifts” may be in the form of labor, intangible items, cash, or food. The committee appreciates, but does not require, any type of recognition for specific grant awards. The committee will give priority to grants whose mission directly affects people, and will typically not fund schools. In addition, the committee will not fund a mission motivated by politics or religion.

Send information to:

Chairman of the Charity Committee
Don Shires
14330 Inca St.
Westminster, CO. 80023

Applications may also be emailed to:

Application Criteria

Applications are accepted until the end of day on October 1 of each year. 

Then during October and November we research each application and seek the best fit. Typically we are looking to support small grass-root organizations on the Western Slope of Colorado. We do provide some funding this side of the Rockies, as well.  Our funding has now exceeded $7.2 million.

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