The Colorado Grand

Grant Guidelines & Procedures

Invitation-Only Policy

The Colorado Grand has an invitation-only application process and does not accept unsolicited letters of inquiry or proposals. To seek out grantees, the Board of Directors will actively engage with a wide range of organizations, community groups, and other foundations that meet the Colorado Grand donation guidelines. Potential recipients will receive an invitation to apply by September 17 and applications must be received by October 1.

Additional Information

No grant shall be awarded which exceeds 25% of the total revenues of the organization. The committee appreciates, but does not require, any type of recognition for specific grant awards. The committee will give priority to grants whose mission directly affects people, and will typically not fund schools. In addition, the committee will not fund a mission motivated by politics or religion.

If approved, here is the process:

1) Send us a copy of your 501c3 status letter.

2) Include a copy of your most recent Form 990 financial return

3) Prepare a 1-2 page summary of your mission, the amount of funds you are requesting, who you serve, and any recognition you may include The Colorado Grand. Each year, funds are announced and provided the third week of December.

4) You must include contact name, phone number, and email of your grant writer.

Further Inquiries:

Chairman of the Charity Committee
Don Shires
14330 Inca St.
Westminster, CO. 80023


Potential recipients will receive invitations from the Colorado Grand prior to September 17. They will be required to submit a grant application by October 1.  

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