The Colorado Grand

Event Staff

Selfless dedication to staging one of the world’s premier vintage-car events

Board of Directors (Volunteer)
  • Tom Horan, Event Chairman
  • Terry Hefty, Treasurer
  • Eddie O’Brien, Community Liaison
  • Jorgen Christiansen, Hospitality
  • Don Shires, Charities
  • Phil Shires, Sponsors, Advertising
  • Bill Shires, Technology/Communication
Consulting Professionals
  • Lindsay Christopher, Event Coordinator
  • Dennis Brown, Artist
  • John Waugh, Photography
  • Greg Bollendonk, Route Book Coordinator
  • Maury Kelpy, Route Book Graphic Designer
  • Tom & Kris Ellis
  • Gary Okoren
  • Reah Mortimer
  • Lance Bailey
  • Ross Barton & Brian Martin
  • Bruce Biggs