The Colorado Grand

Your Donations

Sure, The Colorado Grand® gives you an opportunity to enjoy your vintage sports car, but it also raises funds for Colorado charities and towns. The previous events have generated more than $7.2 million for these causes. We provide funds to the towns that host us and award college scholarships to graduating high-school seniors in those communities. All donated funds derive from entrants and sponsors.

Thank you very much for your continued generosity!

The Colorado Grand is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization.

If you are interested in making a donation, please contact the Colorado Grand® office:

The Colorado Grand
Event Coordinator
5156 E 123rd Ct
Thornton, CO 80241
Phone: (720) 431-1419
Fax: (303) 379-5434


Donations to Date

Recipient/Foundation 1989-2019 2020 Totals
Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation $2,633,700 $80,000 $2,713,700
Robert Sutherland Foundation $671,000 $671,000
Small Town Scholarships at $8,500 each $525,000 $42,500 $567,500
Additional Colorado Charities $503,560 $503,560
Bethel House/Pieta House $316,000 $316,000
Catholic Health Initiatives Flight for Life $210,500 $210,500
CASA of Continental Divide$192,000  $192,000
Northwest Colorado Health $167,000  $167,000
Project Challenge$116,000  $116,000
Needlerock Family Medical Clinic$113,000  $113,000
Jackson County Council on Aging$100,000  $100,000
Summit County Family Resource Center$68,500  $68,500
North Park Medical Center$62,500  $62,500
Eating Disorder Foundation$62,000  $62,000
Salida Rotary Charitable Fund$57,000  $57,000
Pioneers Healthcare Foundation$54,500  $54,500
Summit Hospital Mammography$54,000  $54,000
Perry Mansfield Performing Arts$50,500  $50,500
Association for Community Living$50,450  $50,450
Colorado Law Enforcement Memorial$50,000  $50,000
Colorado Mountain College Foundation$46,000  $46,000
Friends of the Paradise Theater$41,500  $41,500
Paradox Sports$41,000  $41,000
Humane Society of Boulder Valley$40,000  $40,000
Gunnison County Pioneer & Historical Society$40,000  $40,000
The Nature Conservancy$38,000  $38,000
North Fork Ambulance Association$37,650  $37,650
League for Animals and People of the Summit$36,500  $36,500
Galloping Goose Historical Society$33,700  $33,700
Lake City Medical Center$32,000  $32,000
Colorado Head Injury Foundation$31,330  $31,330
Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club$25,000  $25,000
Lake Dillon Arts$21,000  $21,000
Ouray County Rodeo Association$20,000  $20,000
Morgan Adams Foundation$20,000  $20,000
La Plata Family Centers Coalition$20,000  $20,000
Kids Pasta Project$20,000  $20,000
Colorado Elks Association$20,000  $20,000
Grand Mesa Arts Center$18,633  $18,633
Mountain Valley School Science Club$18,000  $18,000
Grand Encampment Museum$17,000  $17,000
Komen Breast Cancer Foundation$16,500  $16,500
Hospice of St. John$16,200  $16,200
Colorado Fallen Hero Foundation$15,000 $20,000$35,000
Valley Citizens Foundation for Healthcare$15,000  $15,000
Moab Free Health Clinic$15,000  $15,000
Town of Walden$15,000  $15,000
Town of Paonai$15,000  $15,000
Salida Hospital Foundation$15,000  $15,000
Ridgway Chautauqua Society$14,000  $14,000
The ARC of Arapahoe & Douglas$13,500  $13,500
Six Points Evaluation and Training$13,000  $13,000
Chaffee County Search and Rescue$12,000  $12,000
Center for Restorative Programs$12,000  $12,000
Battle Pass Scenic Byway$12,000  $12,000
Tabor Opera House Preservation Foundation$12,000  $12,000
Ski Club Vail$12,000  $12,000
Ute Trails Car Club$10,000  $10,000
Salida Senior Citizens$10,000  $10,000
Leadville Legacy Foundation$10,000  $10,000
Gunnison Valley Health Foundation$10,000  $10,000
Meeker Lions Club$10,000  $10,000
Paonia High School$10,000  $10,000
Lake County Medical Center$10,000  $10,000
Town of Lake City$10,000  $10,000
Rio Blanco County Historical Society$10,000  $10,000
Expand Beyond$10,000  $10,000
Brain Trust for traumatic brain injury$10,000  $10,000
Jackson County Lions Club$10,000  $10,000
Colorado 4H Foundation$10,000  $10,000
Ridgway$9,500  $9,500
New Caring and Sharing Resource Center$7,500  $7,500
Advocates of Lake County$7,500  $7,500
Telluride Aids Benefit$7,500  $7,500
Attention Homes$7,500  $7,500
Eagle River Watershed Council$7,500  $7,500
Carbon County School in Encampment$7,500  $7,500
Silverton Youth Center$7,000  $7,000
Memorial Hospital of Craig Foundation$5,000  $5,000
Colorado Farm to Table$5,000  $5,000
Grand County Council on Aging$5,000  $5,000
Annual Totals$7,104,223 $142,500$7,246,723

Serving Colorado

All donations from entrants and sponsors provide funds to the towns that host us and award college scholarships to graduating high-school seniors in those communities. Thank you for your continued generosity!